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Ending Paragraphs with an Exclamation Point
by Leroy King
January 28, 2015
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David was a child many years ago, but now he is an adult with a beard wearing a flannel button-down shirt tucked into his jeans. He is very pleasant to talk to and has many friends in the local community. Let's hear it for David!

Miguel is unhappy about something – that much is clear. To communicate his unhappiness, Miguel stomps loudly across the kitchen floor and, as he puts the dishes away, he makes a special effort to clink the glassware. Everyone in the house quietly tolerates the noise – they're just happy they don't have to clean up the dinner dishes!

Alessandra is the name given to the child sitting in the way back of a Volvo making faces at the drivers following her mother's car on the highway. The drivers make faces back, and Alessandra laughs intermittently. Alessandra's mother doesn't know the reason for the laughter, but nevertheless she reflexively laughs at her daughter's laughter, so now the Volvo is full of laughter!

LeVanne doesn't care about you, but if he did, you might not know it due to his expressionless face. The only time he smiles is in a moment of schadenfreude, like when a co-worker spills coffee on herself and is forced to wear a soiled blouse for the remainder of the day. LeVanne has no eyebrows to speak of, so any meaning to be derived from the arching or furrowing of the muscles above his eyes is lost to the ages. Blink three times if you're feeling unterrible!

Show Methodology (+/-)

  • Take a paragraph such as the one you're reading this very moment and fill it with words, punctuation, and empty spaces. Then, having sufficiently communicated your intended meaning, express your enthusiasm with an exclamation point!

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