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How to Make
Almond Milk
by Leroy King
March 9, 2016
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Put one cup of the most delicious raw almonds you can find into a jar, then fill the jar with water.

Put the jar full of soaking almonds into the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

After the delicious almonds have soaked for 12 hours, pour them into a strainer and briefly rinse.

Then, dump the almonds into a blender and add six (6) cups of water.

Blend on high for 30 seconds, or until the little almond particulates are about the size of small breadcrumbs.

Pour the blended almond mixture into a nut-milk bag above a large bowl.

(What the heck’s a nut-milk bag? Similar to cheesecloth, a nut-milk bag is used to strain almond milk. We recommend Diane Stobo’s nut-milk bag, available online and in grocery stores.)

Hold the top of the bag so that no milk can escape when you squeeze the bag.

Squeeze the bag over the bowl until all of the delicious almond milk is squeezed out.

Use the power of your mind to figure out a good way to get the almond milk from the bowl into the container of your choice.

Fresh almond milk is best after it’s been refrigerated for a few hours and has had a chance to congeal. It lasts about a week or so in the fridge.

Great effort!

Show Methodology (+/-)

  • Trial and Error over several years of making weekly batches of almond milk for my own personal consumption.*

*It takes a certain kind of person to prepare foods for retail sale in one’s own home.

Such a person would never sneeze into his or her hands, but instead would sneeze exclusively into his or her shirtsleeve just below the shoulder seam.

Such a person would also keep very well-behaved pets who have been trained to resist the temptation of putting their mouths, tongues, and noses on or in whatever food or beverage was being prepared at any given time.

The author of this article, Mr. Leroy King, is not such an individual, nor should the culinary practices featured in this publication be construed as having met or exceeded local and state regulations for sanitation and cleanliness.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

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