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January 5, 2011

The Cat Player-Wither

In San Francisco, there's this guy named Charlie. He's a professional cat player-wither; his business is entertaining cats.

I've hired Charlie to play with Muffins, my tabby cat who, since moving from the country to the city, has added a few pounds and is in desperate need of some exercise.

Charlie arrives wearing a black tuxedo with a dark black bag the size of a trombone...

...containing a variety of cat toys.

He pulls out a long thin plastic stick with a hot-pink puffy yarn ball at the end. Muffins eyes the hot-pink puffy yarn ball with interest; she stands perfectly still while Charlie the Cat Player-Wither pokes the end of the stick in between the cushions of the couch so it disappears.

The cat is concerned about the disappearance of the hot-pink yarn ball and starts pacing back and forth around the couch trying to figure out where it's gone...