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March 5, 2011

catwalk 3/5

people often ask me how i get the cat to actually walk. my general technique in walking the aforementioned cat is that i carry her away from the house a certain distance, and when i put her down, she generally starts walking home (and i follow, holding the leash). oftentimes, she won't know exactly where she is, so she takes a moment to get her bearings. if she gets scared, you just kinda sit next to her and pet her until she realizes there's nothing to be afraid of. then she'll start walking.

today i took cat up lexington street and dropped her off in between 20th and 21st.

this is sort of a new drop off spot for her, and because there's lots of foliage around, i think it's a more peaceful location than others we've used previously.

walked home without incident. good cat!