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March 10, 2011

catwalk 3/10

cat profile: Likes: sniffing hubcaps and bumpers, eating grass that's growing through the sidewalk, meowing

random thought about cat: i imagine that going on walks for cat is somewhere between frogger and gta.

important rules of catwalking
rule #1 always stand in between cat and cars

rule #2 always look both ways before crossing street, even on one way streets, cuz sometimes cars and often bikes will drive the wrong way down the street.

rule #3 actually LOOK cuz hybrids don't make any sounds.

rule #4 always pay attention to cat, even when people are talking to you/it, cuz cat can dart off at a moment's notice

catwalk 3/10: today the cat enjoyed a very pleasant walk on the 2000 block of lexington street. a number of well-wishers. good cat.