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March 12, 2011

catwalk 3/12

took cat to mission playground. hadn't been here for three or four months cuz there have been too many people n dogz there, but today we were up early enuff to get the jump on the morning rush.

took cat off leash and let her snoop around the tennis court. she also discovered a little garden off the playground, where she sniffed at the trees for a good twenty minutes.

LOTS of much-needed exercise. good cat.

side note: on our way to the park, while walking up the street on valencia, noticed a splatter of, um -- for lack of euphemism -- puke. pigeons were eating it.

on the way home, most of it was gone (and so were the pigeons).

my point in telling this story is to suggest that -- as annoying and disgusting as pigeons can be -- they really do have a purpose, and in this case, they were the ones cleaning up after US. god bless 'em.

rule #5 if someone says their dog is friendly to cats, they're lying