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April 2, 2011

Catwalk 4/2

Nice day out, so took cat to Mission Playground at 8am. she meowed a lot at first, but once she mustered up enough courage to start exploring, she seemed to have a good time, and definitely got a lotta exercise.

am thinking of making this a semi-daily thing, especially when it warms up a little outside.

just a thought: one of the main differences between walking a dog and a cat is that cats are totally independent, even when they're standing right next to you. in other words, they take full responsibility for their own protection, and don't count on you to defend them against whatever may be out there in the big bad world. and while this may cause problems from time to time (e.g., cat won't walk unless she's reasonably sure she's safe), it's also what makes cats so, um, regal or whatever.

anyway, enuff philosophizing...good cat!