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April 3, 2011

catwalk 4/3

took cat on walk today at 4pm due to scheduling conflicts and general laziness earlier in the day.

instead of carrying cat to her usual dropoff point, i carried her to one of her favorite grassy areas, about 20 feet before the usual dropoff spot. she was a bit calmer to start today, and it was a little easier to get her going because she more concerned with chewing on the grass than with her own safety.

walk was fine, although, as is typical at 4 in the afternoon, there was a lot of activity on the street, which made it a little more stressful.

made a mistake of letting the cat run in front of one of those eight-person bike things. although we weren't in much danger of getting hit, it would have been safer to let the eight-person bicycle thingy pass.

other than that, it was a splendid outing.

goooood cat!