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May 5, 2011

catwalk 5/5

took cat to mission playground this morning.

started off with a little meowing in the corner, but cat eventually got over it and started walking around.

cat really likes exploring, and although she can explore indoors, it's also good for her to snoop around outside. she likes to sniff at plants n stuff.

a street sweeper came after us on Valencia St. at the end of our walk today. cat was very scared and darted home. there wasn't any traffic, so i didn't stop her, and, in fact, ran with her. i think it may be good not to repress her fight-or-flight survival instincts, especially since she may once again return to an indoor/outdoor life someday.

muffinz's 3 reasons it's good to go on walks:

1) cuz i want to
2) cuz it's so much fun
3) cuz i want to

good cat.