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May 29, 2011

catwalk 5/29

the aforementioned cat is obsessed with food. she often meows at me to encourage me to feed her. in an effort to break her of this habit and to get her mind off of food, i've got a handful of activities arranged for her when she whines for food -- one of which is taking her for walks outside.

the walks not only provide her with some much-need exercise and fresh air, they also give her a mental change-of-scenery. when the cat's inside she's the mistress of her domain, but when she goes outside she goes into a sort of exploration/survival mode.

she takes an interest in all the sounds and smells of the street or park or wherever we may be walking. she sniffs at car bumpers, nibbles on plants and grass, is greeted by well-wishers, etc.

she also surveys the landscape for cars and dogs, and hides when appropriate.

sometimes, when cat gets home from an especially long walk, she'll meow at me for a second or two before just passing out on the floor.

today we went out for our normal walk, but it happened to be at the very same time the carnavale parade was going down mission street a half-block away, so there were a lot of strange noises for a cat's ears as a result of all the merriment.

as the sounds of bossa nova pervaded the air, said cat boldly walked home, at points pulling on her leash and bounding across the street with the confidence of a lioness :)

good cat!