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June 5, 2011

catwalk 6/1

I thought it would be a fun to go for midnight walk, since it was a nice night with a bright moon and there were no recycle bins on the street, or homies pushing the shopping carts (which are loud and scary for cat).

it started out very pleasantly, but then we spotted a wandering orange cat on the road. he (or she) was walking under cars, seemingly traveling somewhere. muffins growled and hissed, and wouldn't go forward, even after orange cat had long disappeared. muffins had to be carried home.

nevertheless, good cat.

grooooming tip:
cat's fur has been flaking a little whenst being brushed, so gave her some tuna fish in oil and that seems to have helped out.

safety tip:
on one-way streets, be sure to look out for bikes going the other way. I've mentioned this before, but it seems to happen a LOT, so mentioning it again.