Privacy Policy

AARDVARKANSAS is a numinal space that manifests itself to you as an internet website located at

AARDVARKANSAS is a property of Neal Eckard, a human being who currently lives on planet Earth in a place known to many as California.

For all visitors to AARDVARKANSAS, we collect user information made available to us by your browser including IP address, device type, operating system, and geographic information.

The only personally identifiable information AARDVARKANSAS will request from you is your email address.

Once your email address is in our clutches, we will not share it with anyone.

When your email address is transmitted to AARDVARKANSAS via our online form, we use 128-bit SSL encryption for the transmission of this data.

All users of email should be aware, however, that in typical circumstances, per the specifications of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), email addresses of recipients are not encrypted when an email message is sent over the internet. This makes email addresses visible to third parties who intercept email data packets sent over SMTP. Therefore, as a general rule, users of the internet should exercise caution when registering their email as a username on websites that require a login.

AARDVARKANSAS does not require you to log in or to save a password.

Members of our email list will receive intermittent emails that include links to content on AARDVARKANSAS along with subtle suggestions to consider purchasing our wares through our online storefronts, hosted by the DELIGHTER storefront application at

We will provide simple unsubscribe instructions on every email we send to our list subscribers.

DELIGHTER is a property of Neal Eckard.

To facilitate and process customer orders on AARDVARKANSAS storefronts, DELIGHTER collects customers' first and last names, email addresses, and, if necessary, shipping information.

DELIGHTER uses 128-bit SSL encryption when transmitting personal information from your browser to its web server.

All free transactions on DELIGHTER occur at

All financial transactions for DELIGHTER storefronts occur at Paypal's website,

Paypal's privacy policy is available here.

DELIGHTER does not collect or store passwords or financial information for customers using its storefronts to purchase goods.

AARDVARKANSAS displays advertisements from Google's Adsense advertising service. AARDVARKANSAS does not guarantee the products or endorse the companies advertised through Google's Adsense service.

Google's privacy policy is available here.

AARDVARKANSAS displays links to products available on AARDVARKANSAS does not guarantee products purchased or advertised on's privacy policy is available here.

To track user behavior on AARDVARKANSAS, we employ third-party analytics software such as Google Analytics.

These tracking methods will help us to understand your kind better and will reveal to us even subtler methods of inspiring you to use your monetary credits to purchase our wares.

By using AARDVARKANSAS, you consent to the Privacy Policy detailed herein.

We will post updates and amendments to this Privacy Policy in this space whenever changes occur.

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